About Us



We present to you our version of inspired living: An organic vegetarian eatery, superfood elixir bar, teaching kitchen, retail store and yoga/meditation studio. Each aspect of Noorish is designed to stimulate the senses, inspire the mind and awaken the spirit!

The Noorish Conscious Eatery features a menu that includes a variety of organic, local, raw, vegan and gluten-free options bursting with flavor and nutrition! The Elixir bar is designed to inspire a new way of getting high on life through our carefully crafted tonics, elixirs, fresh juices and organic teas, loaded with vitality! Live local musical talent will also be featured regularly to enhance the experience!

The Noorish Interactive Teaching Kitchen is an exciting space for evening cooking classes and workshops on healthy and healing foods, inspiring the mind with alternative ways to take care of yourself, your family and your community! This space is dedicated to exploring the delicate art of creating culinary masterpieces and elixirs. Learn more about Raw Food by taking the apprenticeship program.

The Noorish Retail Store is a treasure trove of specialty foods and lifestyle products handpicked by the Noorish team after extensive travel and research. Our mission is to bring to you products with the absolute highest integrity on the market. These include a selection of exotic and local superfoods, herbal tinctures, medicinal mushrooms, cultured foods, body-care products, organic snacks and drinks, and many other wonderfully magical delights. Specialized food equipment and educational materials are also available to empower individuals to pursue healthier choices in their own home!

The Noorish Yoga, Meditation and Events Studio is a sacred space to open your spirit to the practice of sadhna or daily ritual like yoga, meditation and movement. Enlightening workshops and courses like breathwork and oneness teachings are also offered to explore and activate your higher potential, as well as an array of other events like conscious film nights, devotional kirtan circles and a speaker series on sustainable living.

Noorish represents a thrilling space to gather as a community, to celebrate, explore, delight in, and embody the joys of conscious living. May all beings be truly noorished!


With love and gratitude,
Sheniz, Ayaaz and the entire Noorish Team

The Kassam Family

Noorish is a family-owned community-operated venture created by a trinity of siblings who have been passionately immersed in conscious living, holistic health, spiritual evolution and community development within Edmonton and internationally for over a decade.  Sheniz, Ayaaz, and Adil were born and raised in Alberta with ancestral roots that run back through Africa, India, and ancient Persia. To celebrate the rich history of their lineage, they chose the name Noorish which carries within it the root word “noor”, meaning divine light in Arabic. Noorish is recognition of our deeper connection to that light which sustains and animates us all.

Each sibling has a unique professional history of entrepreneurism and a deep interest in crafting sustainable communities that value co-creation and honour the earth’s abundance. Having explored more than 70 countries combined, they have cultivated a wealth of cultural wisdom garnered from their experiences volunteering at ecovillages, retreat centres and organic farms around the world.

This trio has drawn together a vibrant team of individuals with expertise in raw foods, healing nutrition, organic food production, yogic traditions and cafe management. We are excited to bring you Noorish – a vortex of positive energy, euphoric culinary concoctions, and enlightening events to noorish the body, mind and soul.