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Future Life Progression

Details from Zoran:

[In Through The Heart Door]

I am excited to announce that Future Life Progression has a new home at the Noorish Kiva!

Once a month I will be guiding everyone into their hearts, once again, to inspire healing and integration along with an inspiring encounter with your future self!

I've named this FLP 'in through the heart door' as to explore a space within ourselves that we usually find unavailable or challenging to get to.

However! What we'll realize that is blocking the entrance is a door, and all we need do is knock.

The basis of Future Life Progression is a meditation I like to call;

~*~ Heart Consultation ~*~

Heart Consultation is a step by step process of relaxing the body, alerting the mind, and lowering our attention and 'gaze' into the heart. Once inside the heart there is further guidance to travel deep within and find the door of the heart and enter the heart's realm.

While within the heart's space we consult it's realm of intelligence and intuition to heal past experiences through specific exercises and prepare for the journey to meet the future self.

How is this all possible?

Your future self is looking at you right now through their memories. As you read this your future self is remembering everything about you right now, and as they peer into the past to the present they are communicating to you. Surely it is equally possible for you now to meet your future self half way. Time is more flexible than we think.

The heart is the way to meet your future self face to face.

~ The journey is from 7pm to 9pm on April 1st consisting of:

*~ Discussion on Heart Consultation and how it works
*~ Heart Consultation Meditation
*~ Personal Reflection and Writing
*~ Discussion and Questions about the journey

** Please bring a notebook and pen for the Reflection and Writing period

** As always this event is Pay What You Can, with an addition of a $20 maximum suggestion.Simply, to honor Noorish as an establishment I am renting the space, and having the rental cost covered at least is important to me. With the rental cost covered this meditation can continue each month!

I am very excited to begin this new journey with the Noorish Kiva and all of you!

See you in the future!