Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

Karma Yogi Program

We are looking for energetic individuals who have the enthusiasm and energy for yoga that we do. The Karma Yogi Program at Noorish is unique and very special both to the studio and to the members of the Karma Yoga itself. It is great to share in the positive energy of Noorish and continue to strengthen your yoga practice.

What we require from you: a minimum of 4.5 hours one once a week, the same days at the same times.  You would be helping to hold presence in the yoga studio (checking people in to class, entering information into the computer, explain promotions and studio to students and interested members of the community) and maintain the appearance of the studio (collecting mats, washing the floors, cleaning bathrooms,etc…)  Its a minimum 6 month commitment.

What we offer to you: in exchange for your contribution to the community of the yoga studio, you will  receive unlimited classes for the duration of your commitment.

It is important to know going in that this is not a “volunteer” position, but an equal exchange of energies. It is hard work.  The Karma Yogi positions require commitment, work ethic and positive energy. We believe in providing our students with the best experience. It’s also a great way to get to know your teachers and become a part of the Noorish Yoga community.

Please fill out this form to  apply for the program or contact the studio if you have questions.