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About Us

The Noorish Yoga Studio, located in Edmonton Alberta, is founded upon the idea that our bodies are the temple of the soul. Therefore we must utilize our intuition to nurture our bodies in a way that allows us to manifest our highest potential and expression of love. Yoga is one method of actualizing this potential.

Originating from ancient India, yoga is the spiritual discipline of uniting body and soul to attain a state of inner harmony, balance, and awakened consciousness. Yoga on a physical level, increases strength, flexibility and balance through a series of postures. The experience of yoga on a meta-physical level helps one achieve inner peace, joy for the great adventure of life on and off the mat.

Our intention is to offer you a variety of yoga classes like: Hatha, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Akhanda Flow, Yin, Core and Inversions, Restorative, Partner and Acro Yoga; so that you have a well-rounded balanced practice.  We love to offer classes that are grounded in solid alignment principles, universal wisdom, and both cutting edge and traditional yoga practices.  We want to support your body to be healthy, your heart to be wide open and full, your mind to be calm, and your spirit inspired.

We are located downstairs below Noorish Cafe, just a few blocks north of Whyte Ave in the Old Strathcona neighbourhood of Edmonton, Alberta

Noorish Yoga

8440 109 St. (downstairs), Edmonton

ph. 780 756 YOGA

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