Chlorella tabs

Noorish Chlorella is sourced from a safe closed system in Taiwan, and is cracked cell to unlock storehouses of nutrients not readily available to our body. This form of blue green algae is the first food on our planet–over 2.5 billion years old! Chlorella is the ultimate in high-level WHOLE FOOD NUTRITON, not an extract or concentrate. This super-packed powder has ALL the nutrients you need…and then some! Bursting with life-force, chlorella has the highest level of chlorophyll of any plant, digestive enzymes, a mega-amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, rich iron content, magnesium, CGF (chlorella growth fractor), and is composed of 40% essential proteins. Chlorella is highly detoxifying, strips your body of heavy metals, and restores alkalinity. Imbibe the innate intelligence of this ancient plant that gains all its nutrients straight from the sun… and feel your own life-force awaken!

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