Edmonton’s Noorish Yoga Studio Offers New ‘Pay What You Can’ Pricing

Edmonton’s Noorish Yoga Studio Offers New  ‘Pay What You Can’ Pricing

Edmonton’s Noorish Yoga Studio Offers New ‘Pay What You Can’ Pricing

EDMONTON, AB, July 3, 2018 – In a mission to create a more inclusive space for all Edmontonians to practice yoga, Noorish Yoga becomes the first yoga studio in Edmonton to offer a ‘Pay what you can’ drop in option.

As yoga becomes more popular among the general public, it is apparent that the cost to practice has reached the point of alienation. On average, a monthly yoga membership easily exceeds $120, and with the ever rising cost of rent, utilities, food and gas, this is a price that is simply not feasible for the average person.

It is Noorish Yoga’s mission to ensure that Edmontonians who desire a consistent, studio-based practice have a studio to call their own, regardless of their age, body, ability, gender, sexuality, race, creed, or economic status.

“Noorish Yoga was founded upon the principles of inclusivity, positivity and trust in our body’s knowledge;” says Owner and Founder Sheniz Wilkie, “Our bodies are the temples of our soul, and therefore caring for our well-being is an individual practice that must not be commodified, but rather supported within the context of a safe community-based space.”

Noorish Yoga will rely on a “Pay it Forward” style business model in order to facilitate their mission. Meaning, those who can afford to pay a higher than suggested donation will be able to facilitate the access for those who may not be able to afford it.

“Ultimately, nobody will be turned away from Noorish Yoga, “ explains Wilkie, “This is a community space open to all people regardless of their budgetary constraints. Yoga is a practice that can change your life and no one should be denied its benefits.”

Noorish Yoga hopes that this new mission will encourage people of all walks of life to join their community, especially those who hold the principles of community-based living dear to their heart.

“Now, you can practice yoga and support others in your community, who may never have had the opportunity to be part of a yoga studio before. Talk about good Karma!” says Wilkie.

About Noorish Yoga

Noorish Yoga was established in 2011 by siblings Sheniz Wilkie and Ayaaz Kassam. Noorish Yoga is a community-focused yoga studio located on Treaty 6 Territory, in the heart of the unique Garneau/Strathcona neighbourhood in Edmonton. The studio is just one piece of our ‘inspired living’ vision. As a whole, we offer a plant-based restaurant, superfood elixir bar, teaching kitchen, retail store and yoga studio. Each aspect of Noorish is designed to stimulate the senses, inspire the mind and awaken the spirit!



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