Winter Tonics, Herbs, and Elixirs

Winter Tonics, Herbs, and Elixirs

In this interactive workshop, Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard will live-demo a variety of tasty tonic herbal elixirs for you to sample! Learn how to utilize health-enhancing herbs, superfoods, mushrooms, and more, to boost your health and immunity in these chilly winter months.

Participants will received electronic worksheets with an in-depth list of recipes and ideas to apply at home.
**Abundant Elixir Samples provided in-class!

Space is limited! RESERVE TODAY.
Fee: Only $40!  


OR CALL: 780-756-9642



Yarrow Willard is a second generation master herbalist who
shares practices around reclaim wellness, and deepen connection with the
natural world. Professionally, Yarrow is the co-creator of Harmonic
Arts Botanical Dispensary, and director of Wild Rose College of
Natural Healing. As a speaker, entrepreneur and modern day reality
hacker, he is highly engaging, dynamic and insightful.
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