Cleanse & Detox the Ayurvedic Way

Cleanse & Detox the Ayurvedic Way
New Year is here… time to cleanse the body and mind! Ayurvedic Consultant Ian Hayward will share an effective cleansing program that will kick-off a new year of radiant health and boundless energy.
You will learn:

Ayurvedic Cleansing Philosophy: Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic systems. Learn the principles of this ancient art of healing.

What’s Your Type?: We each have a different body type or “dosha.” Learn how to identify yours, and the detox methods that work best for you.

Recipes for Detox: Detox teas, healing spices, and Peya Soup. **Samples provided.

Cleanse your Sinuses: Do you find you often have the sniffles or a stuffy nose? Overload of mucous is a common Western problem. Ian will share the secrets to keeping your sinuses & throat clear and balanced.

Fee: $40


OR CALL: 780-756-9642


Ian Hayward has his own Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis practice, helping clients heal thru Ayurvedic Medicine. Ian is a passionate presenter, published author and educator who was widely publicized in the UK as he gained popularity working with celebrities and members of the British Royal Family.  His workshops  are designed to inform, inspire and empower you to gain knowledge and profound insights.

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