Superherbs & Elixirs for the Heart, Spleen & Lymph Systems

Superherbs & Elixirs for the Heart, Spleen & Lymph Systems

With Master Herbalist Derek Fleming, Founder New Earth Organics & Vital Essence

Monday October 23rd, 7pm – 8:30pm

Come learn how to gently and effectively cleanse your lymph system, while boosting your immune system.

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms for robust health, detoxification, and enhanced longevity
  • How to cleanse and strengthen your Heart, Spleen/Lymph, and digestive systems
  • How to strengthen your digestion without taking digestive enzymes
  • How to build rich healthy blood and a strong immune system through cold & flu season

Master Herbalist Derek Fleming will also craft some special Elixirs that improve wellness, slow the aging process, combat chronic disease, and extend your lifespan.

* Caramel Cordyceps Koffee
* Creamy Cardamon Astragalus Chai

ONLY $35!


OR CALL: 780-756-9642


Derek Fleming is a Master Herbalist who specializes in Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese Medicine and Tonic Herbalism. He is the Founder of “New Earth Organics” and “Vital Essence,”  high-quality herb companies focusing on delivering unique offerings from the Kingdoms of Nature: the Plant, Fungi, and Animal Kingdoms. The mission of these companies is to ‘Honour the Intelligence of Nature’  while specializing in Medicinal Mushrooms, unique flower pollens, and ‘Three Treasure’ tonic herbs. Along Derek’s journey he continues to engage in spreading his teachings about the benefits of daily tonic herbalism and living in Harmony with Mother Earth.

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