Fall Fermentation: Preserve Your Garden Harvest

Fall Fermentation: Preserve Your Garden Harvest
Come learn how to preserve your garden harvest for the winter months to come. Fermented foods are rich in probiotics and enzymes, improve digestion, and are super-delicious!
Fermentation Expert Elaine Doucette will live-demo a traditional Sauerkraut recipe, and teach you simple fermentation methods to try at home.
Come taste:
  • Wild Fermentation Sauerkraut: with caraway seeds for digestive wellness
  • Ginger Turmeric Kim Chi: Elaine’s herbal upgraded version of a classic condiment
  • Salsa Kraut: A new and tastier version of traditional salsa

Abundant Samples provided!

Only $40!

REGISTER ONLINE: www.noorish.ca/workshops

OR CALL US! 780-756-9642 


Elaine Doucette is a Clinical Herbalist, Iridologist, detox specialist, traditional food lover, and Fermentation Revivalist, dedicated to helping others use traditional food as medicine to heal at the root cause.  Her mission is to be a health detective for herself and others to evoke the natural healing process of our body’s innate intelligence, to wake-up and feel alive again! Elaine loves to educate people on the art of fermentation and healthy bacteria as our health promoting, food-preserving and protective friends. She inspires people to appreciate the magic of our microbiome, and the importance of incorporating natural probiotics into our daily routine. Visit her website at: http://theherbalmama.com/


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