Moon Made Wine

Moon Made Wine

The Moon “replenishes the earth when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, when she receds she empties them” Pling the Elder 1st Century Rome

Biodynamics is next level organic farming, taking a holistic and celestial approach to growing. With the assumption that we are all connected, plants, animals, people, water, moon, planets and sun, biodynamics maps out a theoretical practice on how and when is best to engage with your growing. Biodynamics is so encompassing that it also includes our inevitable enjoyment of our harvest, especially when it comes to wine.

If you like to check your horoscope you will love biodynamic farming. Tied to the zodiacs when the moon is in front of a specific constellation, with the correlating zodiac the elemental power of the constellation is amplified by the moon. This elemental breakdown instructs the Biodynamic farmer in what to attend to on any day, as the moon loops through each of the 12 zodiacs every 27.3 days, spending between 1.5 and 3.5 days over each. On days that correlate to earth symbols we tend to the Roots, that could be root vegetables, or in the case of vineyards, that may mean pruning time. Water signs correlate to Leaves, and so this is a good time to deal with leafy greens and water plants. Interestingly enough this is not the best time to drink wine as it is thought to taste watery. On a Root day, you may experience more terroir from your sips but the prime time for drinking wine is Fruit days, or when the moon is amplifying a Fire sign. Air days are also good drinking days, they relate to Flowers, and so this is a perfect time to tend to any fruiting bodies, like squash, or tomatoes.

“At its core Biodynamics is an energy management system.” Mike Benzinger, Benzinger Family Vineyards California

There are 6 Moon Rhythms that spell out cosmic instructions for how to tend to your garden. There is the aforementioned Lunar and Zodiac rhythm, but that is also related to a Full to New Lunar cycle. The full moon is a time of rapid growth, and germination, almost to a fault, as at points of the day the planet becomes so damp seeds are at risk of mold and fungus. In Indian Astronomy, a New Moon is considered No Moon and this is a time of inaction as everything would be at its driest. The acceding moon is thought of as an exhale of the planet, a time to focus on what is above or moving up out of the soil. The descending moon is the inhale, an insular time for soil, composting, planting and making cuttings. There is also the Lunar Nodes and Eclipses, deemed no work days, and Perigee and Apogee a time for potatoes, and only potatoes, and the moon opposite Saturn creating a nutrient current between the poles.

Biodynamics requires a closed system, so any plant treatments and compost are not only homeopathic but created within the ecosystem of the farm. This method of relating to plants and the systems of life as a whole is not a new theory at all. We have been looking to the heavens for thousands of years to guide us. Even the farmers Almanac to this day relates to lunar patterns. Come in and try out our Biodynamic Wines and let us know if the taste is out of this world.


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