Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture

Come join us for an inspiring introduction on the how-to’s of permaculture. Learn how to design food systems, home systems, and business systems that are based on our natural physical and social landscapes. In this enlightening workshop Permaculture Instructor Kenton Zerbin will share practical tips and insights on:

* How to grow more food with less work
* Construction and renovation ideas that will make your home more efficient
* How we as individuals and communities can thrive and become more resilient

This will be a fun and empowering evening that will give you the practical steps to create a healthier, more harmonious lifestyle.


Only $30!


OR CALL: 780-756-9642


Kenton Zerbin is an internationally certified Permaculture Teacher and Consultant who empowers others to grow food, build homes, repair land, and build community. A teacher by degree, Kenton passion is facilitating a quality education that will inspire, inform and enable others to engage their physical and social landscape. He has designed multiple properties, taught in three countries and been a guest speaker for gardening groups, education conferences and Universities alike. Recent projects he as lead include building a cold climate Permaculture tiny home and serving as a consultant and educator for the Ministry of Agriculture of Barbados. He resides in central Alberta where he runs an Educational business – – and occasionally travels abroad to teach.






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