Sensoria Yoga

with Noni Lane
Saturday May 13th,  4:00 – 6:00 PM

Sensoria Yoga liberates your body of deeply rooted (chronic) physical tension while returning it to a natural balance where all systems work harmoniously.

Sensoria Yoga leads Your body & mind to release stress & tension (past, current and/or prolonged) as well as severe traumatic events your body is still holding onto. It allows your body to reawaken it’s natural ability to induce natural neurogenic tremors (tremors within the muscles) through gentle movement, breathwork and mindfulness resulting in deep relaxation & calm throughout your entire body & mind.

Neurogenic tremors begin to release deep chronic muscular tension held within your body. These tremors originate at your centre of gravity (S3), which is protected by the psoas muscles. From this powerful epicentre, tremors reverberate throughout the body, traveling along the spine, releasing deep chronic tension from sacrum to cranium. As tension is being released, the brain indexes a reduction in pain signals & produces new hormones supporting relaxation, comfort & calm.

$30 for students / seniors

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About Noni

My practice of yoga began during my childhood bedtime routine, my mother called this practice, ‘The Ragdoll’. In 2010, after many years as an adult practitioner I truly found my passion, Yin Yoga. The practice of Yin Yoga facilitates the mind/body connection through deep fascial work, creating a fluid and continuous channel through which our energy can flow. Since then, my fascination with fascia and my studies progressed and led me to the facilitation of Yin Yoga, the creation of Sensoria Yoga (using my certification in TRE (neurogenic tremors)) and facilitation of Yoga Nidra to catalyze the healing of our bodies and to maintain and unite our body/mind connection within a state of bliss.