Dustin and our Conscious Community

Dustin and our Conscious Community
What does ‘conscious eatery’ mean to you?
A community service operating as a love based business that responds to a developing holistic culture; stretching, nudging and re-creating contemporary lifestyle. A living system for infusing human lives with presently appropriate wholesome ideas.
Behind all that we do has always been love.
What developed your awareness of ‘consciousness’?
So many little things.  It was really that I experienced a residence of goodness and love inside me.  I remember a day at work, standing in an Alberta field feeling desolate and alone, yet okay.  Seeing the spacious landscape, I relaxed inside, became a bit still and my vision and inner feeling changed.  I saw the grass all moving coherently together with the wind.  I felt a love within that seemed like home and I said, “I’m going home.” I went back to B.C. Working at Eastside Mario’s my rambunctious and rowdy mystical light-hearted friend playfully pushed on me helping me see the truth that was in me; I recognized my love for what I knew was good and then it really started to become my life!  Another friend introduced me to some people with gentle golden energy and my heart opened near their kindness.  One fella mentioned the meditation retreat he goes to with his Dad, I went to that retreat, experiencing my innate inner goodness. Bit by bit my life reflected that touched identity.
Where did food come into your journey?
As a teenager, I worked at Salty’s and Earl’s kitchens in Penticton.  In 2005 I told my Dad, “I don’t think I’m getting the nutrients I need.” Months later I had two spiritually endowed health coaches holding me in an 8 month series of cleanses and herbal programs. I was suddenly a full-time Devotee / raw food eating herbal consulting student!  Love for cooking easily translated to preparing raw foods. I loved the concept Dr. Gabriel Cousens presents of minerals as frequencies of light. {Noor in Arabic means Light}  Nearly a health practitioner at 22 I felt a need for more life experience; singing and dancing onward into orchards, festivals, conscious community, yoga and raw food entrepreneurship.
How did you come to Noorish?
Ayaaz, expressing love, invited me. Period.
You’re from B.C?  How’d you meet the Kassams?
At Intention 2007 I met all three but it was Adil, the eldest sibling and a conscious community leader, who touched me with his light.  Each following year brought deepening connection with Ayaaz, unplanned appearances at conscious lifestyle venues. Finally, in 2011 we met for the 7th time where I was again doing raw food at a festival, he said: “Dustin, come out to Noorish!” I said “no”, but when he called in October I said, “for certain!”.
What is Noorish’s Role in the Edmonton Community:
It’s a landing pad, a door in, and a friend. In my opinion, Noorish is an exemplary manifestation of and a bridge for people to partake in this continually developing contemporary holistic lifestyle.

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