Classic Kundalini with Kris Elaschuk

Classic Kundalini with Kris Elaschuk

Kundalini yoga is the science to unite the finite with the infinite -Yogi Bhajan

Connect to your creative consciousness. Harness the divine creation energy at the base of your spine. To many, the purpose of life is to create or procreate, and Kundalini Yoga allows for the unobstructed flow of that energy.

We asked Kris Elaschuk about his upcoming 6 class series in Classic Kundalini Yoga

What is Special about Kundalini Yoga?

Classical Kundalini as I teach it is a very dynamic practise that bridges the contemporary yoga class which is characterised by physical and mental well-being, with the more ancient and mystic practices and philosophies of the yoga paradigm. The heart of the Kundalini process is based on the mysticism of every living being having a divine energy within, a specific energy within that enables oneself to transcend all limitation. Through awakening, this energy oneself may heal from wounds, awaken the infinite power of the mind, become stronger of the body and vitalize the subtle energies of the self.

The practise is based on 4 main pillars of practise: breath work, sound and mantra, dynamic healing movement and meditation. The practise dives deeply into the mystical concepts of the Chakras, the subtle energetic anatomy, sound as medicine and much more classical philosophy of yoga. The class is sure to offer the practitioner a sense of vitality in the mind-body, breath and spirit.

Who is Kundalini great for?

My Classic Kundalini class welcomes all levels of practitioners. The class can serve as a beautiful introductory to the mystical sciences of a yoga practise, while also deepening the awareness of those who are adept to the Chakras and other practises. The class is also great for those who are wishing to deepen their connection to their breath, heal and strengthen many facets of the physical body and find clarity of the mind.

What drew you to Kundalini?

I was drawn to Kundalini from getting a glimpse into the more traditional, mystical and mythical realm of yoga. The mysticism around the subtle anatomy, energy bodies, Chakras and concepts of vast longevity and enlightenment through utilising the practises within a Kundalini practise was all so fascinating. It was so intriguing to read texts that were written hundreds of years ago, documenting practises and ideas that appeal to 21st-century breakthroughs in modern science and longevity. It seemed like there was a very sacred, effective and transformational essence to the Kundalini practise, which I was so inspired to embrace and share. Now, many years later, many trainings later, many studies later and after years of teaching experience, I am so grateful to share these practises.

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