Spring Cleansing: Boost Your Digestion & Detoxify Your System

Spring Cleansing: Boost Your Digestion & Detoxify Your System

With Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Christiane Panesar

Monday April 3rd, 7pm – 9pm

Come learn a powerful and effective program to cleanse your body, and boost your digestion and absorption. Certified Holistic Consultant Christiane Panesar will show you a gentle whole food detox that will light-up your digestive fire, and improve your nutrient absorption. Wise Hippocrates once said, “All disease begins in the gut.” This program will help you get to the root of pain and inflammation in the body–through cleansing and activating your entire digestive system. Through this program you will eliminate digestive discomforts and experience more vital energy and life-force.

Fee: $40

REGISTER ONLINE: www.noorish.ca/workshops

OR CALL: 780-756-9642


Christiane is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant from Germany who has been part of Noorish since its inception. She founded her company Heart-Food for people, who are ready to empower themselves with vital knowledge they‘ve been disconnected from: Knowledge about how to nurture ourselves from the inside out. She believes, that the body has the ability to restore itself when we create the right environment, especially at the cellular and energetic levelsIn her practice, she implements traditional and cutting edge knowledge of healing foods to bring the body naturally back to balance. Currently, she’s continuing her education at the School of Natural Medicine to become a Practitioner of Natural Medicine. Christiane is also the creator of CapomoMojo, a line of ancient superfoods which cater to the modern trend, e.g. the yummy coffee alternative or the gluten-free flour mix. In one-on-one consultations, webinars, workshops Christiane offers simple but powerful tools that support genuine and long lasting change to a healthier and happier life. Visit her website at: www.heart-food.com

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