Studio Manager Position

Studio Manager Position

Noorish Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio Manager

Job Description

Noorish Yoga is hiring! We are looking for a responsible, energetic and detail-orientated visionary to lead the way at our Yoga Studio for a 6 to 8-month temporary contract.  This position will require a 20-30 hour commitment with some on-call responsibilities. This could entail three evening shifts that are 4-5hrs long,  and the occasional Saturday afternoon or evening shift might be required once a month.  Wage is negotiable with the successful candidate.

Suitable candidates for this position will possess:

  • Good working knowledge of MindBody Online
  • Previous management experience in HR and cash handling, budgets and financial reports
  • Detail-orientated and able to see the larger picture
  • A flexible schedule to work evenings and weekends
  • The ability to be on-call for support via text, phone or email
  • Knowledge of yoga, the yoga market, and the yoga community
  • Marketing and social media experience
  • Graphic design experience is an asset but not a requirement
  • Experience with Word Press, Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and very computer literate with Apple products.
  • The ability to troubleshoot technological challenges, problem-solve, multi-task and train reception desk staff.
  • Strong customer service and sales skills


  • Working at the front desk 3 evenings a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday)
  • Meeting with the owner once every 2 weeks to report and strategize
  • Scheduling and hiring teachers, front desk staff and assistant manager
  • Promoting the studio, workshops and studio events through social media, as well as through posters and other forms of marketing
  • Handling cash, and cashing out once or twice a week
  • Reconciling sales with cash/debit/credit deposits and reporting to bookkeeper twice a week
  • Managing and training front desk staff
  • Purchasing and stocking studio supplies and over-looking the general maintenance and cleanliness of the studio
  • Preparing and sending out email newsletters twice a month
  • Managing instructor payroll
  • Booking and promoting workshops and events
  • Managing the yoga class schedule
  • Answering emails and solving customer service related matters
  • Managing studio budget and financials



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