Getting Going with Water Kefir

Getting Going with Water Kefir

Noorish is excited to have Water Kefir Grains available in our retail section. Here is our Quick Start guide to a bubbly probiotic beverage.

Water Kefir is about to be your new favourite cocktail. Living a life dedicated to health and feeling good may mean cutting out soda, fruit juice, and alcohol. Kefir can replace your love. Making Kefir is easy, make sugar water, fed grains, repeat every 2-3 days. To do it well takes a little finesse and know how. Before you get started with Kefir here is a quick and easy guide to healthy grains and delicious bubbly Kefir.

The tools you need to make water Kefir are inexpensive and easy to come by.

You will need one large vessel, made of plastic or glass as metal becomes eroded by fermentation, and then bottles for drinking from and to promote carbonation in the second fermentation. Let’s assume your household can consume 4 litres of Kefir in three days, it would be sensible then to have four 1 litre bottles, and a vessel that can hold 4 litres.  Bottles need to be strong as the carbonation that builds up can explode a glass bottle. It is recommended to “burp” the bottles by opening them daily to release some excess gas.

Sugar. A combination of white and brown sugar is recommended. Carbonation is best supported with brown sugar, but Kefir does not do well on brown sugar alone. Like us, Kefir needs nutrient dense food to be its happy bubbly self, but also like us it also needs foods that are easier to digest to keep everything moving smoothly. Organic cane sugar is our recommendation. Coconut sugar is anti-bacterial, and as these little babies are bacteria coconut can be harmful to their health. Honey would create the perfect condition for a different beverage all together- mead or jun. Maple Syrup is an option but as the sugar is cooked perhaps not ideal, and also significantly more expensive than cane sugar.

Water. Water in Edmonton is hard, which can be good for your Kefir, as minerals are good for carbonation. However, the City of Edmonton uses Chloramine, which is a form of chlorine that does not evaporate from water. For this reason, it is important to have filtered water. Something as ubiquitous as a Brita filter, using charcoal will work or Noorish offers AlkaViva filtration system.

Finally what you need is a calendar to help you keep track of the process. Don’t be frightened off. The rhythm of Kefir is simple and can be made a lovely part of your week.

The Kefir Process, for ease of comprehension we will assume you are making 4 litres.

1/4 cup of sugar for every litre of water. We recommend starting with 1/2 cup of white sugar, 1/2 cup of brown sugar for 4 litres of filtered water.

Stir ingredients and add Kefir grains. Noorish sells nut milk bags that are terrific for keeping the grains together to avoid accidentally drinking them!

Fermentation takes about 2-3 days depending on the warmth of the environment.

These are just th basics of Water Kefir Fermentation. There is plenty more to know and experiment with, but with this quick start guide, we know you will fall in love with this probiotic tasty beverage.

Other Resources:

Noorish sells books by Sandor Katz’ on Fermentation is an excellent resource for water Kefir questions

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