Practising Alone Togetherness

Practising Alone Togetherness

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Jalaluddin Rumi

Train with your own resistance on your mat.  Accept where you are, and work with that. What could be better training for love than yoga? Yoga is love. Yoga is union. In yoga, we practice leaning into what we resist. We practice being present and sitting with what is, loving the truth of the moment. What could be a better training ground for love than a yoga mat?

Yoga is self-love. Taking a class, or carving out time for some Asanas is an act of self-care. Declare to yourself, “I am worthy of this time”. Stay present with yourself and listen. Find the little voices of self-doubt and see them, allow them to release their grasp on your hips, your hamstrings. Fulfill the commitment to yourself. Unite mind, breath, and body. Cherish each breath as divine creation.

Yoga with a friend or lover is an alliance. Motivation to maintain your commitment. Accountability to your promise. An opportunity to be exposed, working through and owning the vulnerability, side by side, alone on your mat. A  shared opportunity to shine. A fellow witness of that moment and revelation that walks out to the car, and can meet you for coffee as a “real world” reminder. It serves as a chance to be vulnerable, as you are demonstrating your strengths and weaknesses. Take yourself to your edge with your partner as a participating witness. Having a partner in poses can also expand your practice, sharing an extra boost of support for one another, granting you permission to explore a little deeper.  Practice shared alone time.

Yoga in the community strengthens the world at large. You depend on one another for the energy they bring, positive, trusting and respectful. You depend on one another to keep you accountable, and you count on one another to be another reason to go to yoga. Taking yoga classes together creates a mutually understood language to communicate the allusive feelings we process in yoga. Creating the language opens the dialogue between “strangers” and then we evolve into friends, strengthening bonds in the community.

However, you show up to yoga, solo or together you are working on yourself, and making more space for other people. Creating this space is creating love within yourself, and is a beautiful way to contribute to the world at large.


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