The Therapy of Acroyoga

The Therapy of Acroyoga

Acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics, yoga and therapy. In the same way, inversions are considered therapeutic, by moving fluid around in the body, and allowing the body an unusual opportunity to hang, and so reset. The Canadian school for AcroYoga also incorporates Yin yoga into its practice and the American school incorporates Thai massage as a way of thanking your partner for the hard work they have done.

Acro also gives you the opportunity to connect and put your trust in another, the trust of your safety, and dignity. Trust someone to let you soar high, or to trust in your ability to hold them up. This is therapeutic too. Yoga is an intimate experience with yourself, and when you incorporate another person into that experience, the sensual intimacy is profound.

Not to mention fun. It is a rare opportunity in our busy adult lives to allow ourselves to play, and this is an opportunity to unleash your inner kid. We all practise communication all of the time, but what was the last time you tapped into the communication of play with someone else? Someone who you might not have an intimate relationship with, or even if you do, yoga takes us somewhere else, away from the established dialogue of our time and teaches us to listen. In AcroYoga, we listen and then we communicate that in the language of the game to our partner(s) It is an opportunity to allow a someone into a space you generally go alone, a space connecting with breath and your body. This too is therapeutic.

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for Union, and with Acroyoga you bring your body and mind into union with another in a safe, sensual activity. This union allows you to experience the depth and the many nuances of human relations, restore faith in yourself and others and have bunches of fun along the way.

Join us in welcoming back to Noorish for the New Year Solid Colin on Friday, January 27 and Saturday, January 28th. Friday is all about the basics, and Saturday we have time to expand and smoothing them out. Everything will be accessible to every fitness level, and the practice will incorporate restorative and therapeutic elements and you will have a lot of fun!

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