Align Yourself with the Solstice

Align Yourself with the Solstice

Take a moment right now to count all of the blessings of 2016.

It is possible, even likely that the first things that come to mind bring despair instead of gratitude. There are various reasons for that, not least of which being that tragedy sells more newspapers and garners more “likes” or comments. It could be argued that it is a survival mechanism that we evolved to be acutely aware of anything bad or threatening in our lives, so as to avoid danger and demise. However today we have come to learn that a positive outlook serves us better than a negative one.

When you are faced with all the unfavorable reviews of 2016, it may serve you well to practice the art of reframing, and looking for the best in every situation. You may mourn the loss of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie or Prince, but you can reframe your disappointment as gratitude, that before they left they all recorded a recent and final album.  Open your mind to the good things, ever present, often overshadowed.



And Darling, here comes the sun. December 17th to the 21st will be the shortest days, and longest nights. After that, bit by bit, minute by minute we are given more daylight. Don’t let a second of it go to waste. Align yourself with the seasons, celebrate the Solstice, the rebirth of the Sun God, and a rebirth of yourself. The birth of a New Year and another chance.

Practice ritual bathing and cleansing as preparation for the rebirth. Winter clean your home and burn sage and Palo Santo to cleanse the energy. Feast on the harvest of old, nourishing yourself for the work of the new.

Align you mind, body and soul with the Noorish Studio’s Solstice Sanctuary on Friday, December 17th with Astraea Starr, and Kris Elaschuk performing sound healing with the singing bowls, Sitar, and Gong. Sink deeply into rest and emerge rejuvenated. Take this time, to reflect deeply and set your intentions in this dream-like state.


2016 is what is it is. No amount of thoughts or complaints will change it now.

Luckily you are a yogi, of mind and or body. You know there is nothing innately terrible about 2016, the only thing that matters is what we do with today to set us up for tomorrow. The only thing that can pain us is our reaction to it. Our response will free us.



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