Form a Yoga Habit

Form a Yoga Habit

They say it takes 30 days to form any habit. What habit could be more important than connecting your body and mind? Sitting in the calm of your mind, watching reaction and learning to calmly endure. What could be more important than stretching and moving the body to keep it nimble, engaged and operating as a whole. What other habit can bring a sense of connection with others in a sweaty room, while remaining totally focused on your own truth? It’s a good bet, that yoga is one of the best habits you can form, and we have a thirty day challenge to inspire you to do just that. Alignment

If you think about it, every month you are reinforcing other habits. You may be practising the habit of smoking, or maybe practising hunching, over a desk, on the bus, around friends, or just walking. You might be practising the detrimental, but highly common habit of comparing yourself to a long stream of people putting their best selfie forward, distracting everyone from the honest but imperfect aspects of a real life.

Or you can take 30 days to practise a habit that reverse these affects of modern life. A habit that carves out time to focus on every inhale, and every exhale, with the delicate attention that each breath deserves, reminding yourself of the gift your body gives you ever second, with out any conscious effort on your part.

just breath

A habit that not only realigns the body, but trains the muscles, bones and ligaments to be strong in these postures, to stack for ease and to equalize the balance of the weight carried. This habit surrounds you with others striving to achieve the same ease within strength and you all influence each other for the better, for growth.

You can choose to take up a habit that reminds you in each practise of your own strengths, and your limits. Reminds you to centre yourself on those, find peace with your limits and space with your strengths. Comparing becomes futile, focus on another’s perfect pose, leaves you off balance, until you regain your centre and focus on the blessing of your every breath in, and every breath out. butterfly

Join the 30 day challenge at Noorish Yoga this November, and join a community focused on better habit choices. Give and reap the benefits of making better choices together.


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